Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, FG had a huge win - we will see how they go and I wish them well.
I really do not see the difference between FF and FG, and I am worried about utilities like our ESB, funding of the health service and stagnation in politics, I do not think FG will deliver real political reform.

On other fronts there has been mixed news.

Shane Ross in Dublin, Luke Ming Flannigan and Thomas Pringle in Donegal South are great steps forward, independent, honest and forward thinking people may help to change our flawed system.

Personally, seeing Pringle and Flannigan elected is great, these two candidates were pointedly ignored by RTE.

But there have been dissappointments, people like Michael Healy Rae and the FF 'independent' Tom Flemming been returned in Kerry south is bad, dynastic and opportunistic politcos getting back in to milk the system.
Lowry being returned in North Tipp is also bad, the man is a prime example of pothole politics.

The Greens were wiped out, this may allow the grass roots of the party regain control and refocus their ethos in the right direction, rather than holding on to power for the sake of power itself.

Galway West returned Eamon O Cuiv, but got rid of Frank Fahy. FG's straetgy failed here as they were beaten by 'independent' Noel Grealish and a real socialist independent Catherine Connolly. Labour did well here with Mr Nolan, a replacement for the formidable Michael D Higgins - a man I hope will be our next President.

In Dublin Central, FF were wiped out - and Mary Lou McDonald got in despite the blegarding she faced from the press while an MEP

Although I dont like negative politics I was delighted to see Paul Gogarty lose in Dublin Mid West, his were the first election posters I saw, about 12 hours after the election was called, on the other hand it was a bit sad to see Trevor Sargent lose in North Dublin, a good public servant who, unlike FF deputies, did not need to beforced to resign on principle.

Dublin North Central saw the end, for now, of the Haughy/Lemass dynasty - although one has to say that Sean Haughy is a very decent man.

Chris Andrews from Dublin SE who failed in his brief and his first cousin Barry in Dunlaoire are more dynastic politicians gone as are Connor Lenihan in Dublin SW and Mary Hanafin also in Dunlaoire.

It was dissappointing to see Ivana Bacik lose out in Dunlaoire as she has been a great champion of womens rights.

Connors big brother Brian Lenihan survived the Dublin cull in Dublin West, the man who as minister for finance made decisions that led us to the brink of disaster, a precipice on which we still teeter, but another of the Lenihans - 'Aunty' - Mary O Rourke went to the wall in Longford/Westmeath - very badly with only 3046 first choices out of 57,525 valid votes.

In Galway East, Labour had a major victory with Colm Keaveney from my Alma Mater being returned to the Dail, although seeing adynastic FG candidate also elected is a bit hard.

More thoughts later

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