Monday, November 29, 2010

More bad news

Well, lie after lie - mistruth after mistruth and the usual bending of words have gone on, and there is still no general outcry in Ireland.

The banks will be saved, but the state is in financial trouble due to this.

Fianna Fail, in dealing with the ECB and the IMF have created a scorched earth policy to ensure that any succesive administration will be forced into at least 5 years of unpopular decisions over which they will have little or no control.

Mass privitisation of semistate services look like they will be pushed through, and with our history in the Eircom privitisation, one can be fairly sure that it will be a mess.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Further dependency

Well, we have now a decision on the Donegal by-election, if we get that far without a general election.
However, the FF/Green machine will appeal at the cost of about half a million euro of tax payers money.

There are other elections that are needed for vacant seats, and the working majority will be reduced.
Already, FF are at each others throats.

Mary Coughlan and North West MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher became embroiled in a row about whether or not he was approached to contest the Donegal South West byelection.

Mr Gallagher who was given something like 24 hours notice to run as an MEP has said an approach was made to him by senior figures in Fianna Fáil to contest the Dáil seat he himself vacated in June 2009 when he was elected to the European Parliament.

With MEP income and perks for so little work outside the spotlight of the Irish media, I dont blame him for telling FF to F Off
After all, it was his slipping off to Europe that created the vacancy way back in 2009 I believe, abandoning those constituants who had voted for him in what can only be called a palenesqe deriliction, putting party before his own people.

Ms Coughlan told local radio station Ocean FM yesterday she did not believe the cope was approached but  Mr Gallagher responded by saying the Tánaiste, the Irish deputy prime minister was “not in the loop” about the behind-the-scenes moves.
Though no opinion poll has been taken, in the Green corner Sinn Féin candidate Senator Pearse Doherty has been installed by bookmakers as the clear favourite.
It was his successful High Court challenge against the 16-month delay in holding the byelection that has bought it on stream.
With the December budget coming on about the 7th, and 14Bn Euro in cuts proposed FF and the Greens will have a hard sell, although Green party members in Donegal broke away from the Dublin leadership quite some time ago.

In the red corner Labour is expected to run Frank McBrearty Jnr, the victim of Garda corruption, who surprisingly won a seat on the county council.

In the blue corner the Fine Gael candidate is sports journalist Barry O’Neill.

And in other bad news from Donegal for FF, Jim McDaid has resigned his seat - the same guy who was stopped driving drunk the wrong way down a main road - guess his sense of direction has improved and its good to get while the gettings good.

However, one thing I would think is that FF will run the byelection in Donegal mid-week, when students and workers may not be able to get to the polls - it gives them a higher turnout among the older population who tend to vote for them, when the cope ran up there they did not count votes - they weighed them.

But in terms of dependency, if FF lose this one, their majority will be further reduces, forcing them to depend more on Lowry and Healy Rae types.

Most dissappointing is the Greens support for the government.

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