Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mahon Report - tell me something I dont already know

15 years, at least €300,000,000 and still no-one is really held accountable.
Tell me something I don't know.

Ahearn is dishonest - we saw that when we joined the PfP without a referendum and Lisbon after a second go.
That Flynn is a corrupt crook, we saw that with him - and his family - in Mayo. The guy's nickname in training college was Crackers.
That Albert Reynolds abused power - quelle surprise.

Dont forget we have a political caste in this country, and most can be found among the Members of the Comite d'Honneur of the IIEA - Bertie Ahern, Charlie McCreevy, Albert Reynolds, Ray Mac Sharry and the bauld Pádraig Flynn with dodgy political funding and questionable practices.

The enquiry called for a ban from public office for corrupt politicians and removal of pensions.
That is something I have wanted for years.

The call for an independent corruption board is something I would like to see, but we need people outside the system. We need someone like Eva Joly to be in charge. Our system has too much cosy cartel at the top, there are too many ties and links on this Island - other than perhaps Shane Ross whose books show independence of thought and action.

We cannot trust the legal system after all, an enquiry that told us what we already knew should not cost 300 million Euro, our lawyers basically milked the system for all it was worth.
The point is the whole system is unfit for our current circumstances. We have a group of people who in the course of the last 70 years have learned to manipulate the way this system works. Its time to break the cycle.

We need more accountability, more transparency and a list system - all the parties pay lip service to it, but none will initiate it

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