Thursday, May 14, 2009

The threat to democracy

The point of democracy is the collective respect for the collective decision.
We are told its important to vote, that every vote counts and that we should take part in our democratic process.
However, if the elected do not respect the choice of the electorate, whats the point?

Our own representatives are failing by forcing of this treaty through despite democratic rejection by the French, the Irish and the Dutch.

Why is our decision not being respected? No means No

But still our own politicians continue to force their own agenda.

The chance to pause and reflect has not been used to build the kind agreement that We the People really want – a democratic collective of nations for peace and prosperity who respect each other. And that desire really exists

Instead it has been used to repackage the same rejected and unwanted treaty to avoid giving people a democratic voice, and push it through despite the democratic decision.

This process is an erosion, even a threat, of the very foundations of the Union – Democracy and Co-operation.
What makes democracy work is our ability, as a collective, to decide to work together for the benefit of the many – not just the chosen few.

I know how the Irish, French and Dutch feel about their democratic decision being ridden roughshod over, we're dis-illusioned and angry - but it’s the British I feel sorriest for.

The UK was promised a referendum by Tony Blair, April 20th 2004 but Jack Straw announced on 6 June 2005 that the referendum had been shelved. This despite that 88% of people in the UK want a referedum according to the BBC.

The British people have not had a single choice on our shared Union since they democratically chose to join in 1975. Decisions that affect their everyday lives have been left in the hands of people in other countries.

I really believe that if British people were given a democratic choice in deciding their part in the Union, then there would be far less euro skepticism.

Again, why are my fellow Citizens being denied their right to choose?

The Portuguese also were guaranteed a referendum by a party who are now in Government and who now deny them a referendum.
When in 2007 when our heads of Government signed the treaty in Lisbon – 200000 people went into the streets to protest.
This was the biggest public demonstration in the country since the Portuguese struck out for democratic freedoms since the Carnation Revolution of 1974, ending a dictatorship which had been in place since the 20’s.

And this did not even make the Irish or other European news agencies.
One would think a protest this size was newsworthy, especially considering the fact that the heads of government were there!!!

My job is different in that I work with people from all over the world, in recent times I have worked with a very large number of British and Portuguese
And they all want to be part of the Union as I do.
We know Europe can work, it has been demonstrated – but it has to be on the Peoples terms.

By Ignoring our democratic decision the politicians are actually endangering our Union and eroding democracy.

And are we not told that it is this very freedom of choice that makes us human beings?

We want this Union to work, we want this Union to succeed, and we want to work with the politicians to make it happen.

But they have to listen – and respect, our opinion – to treat us with the same respect, courtesy and dignity with which we treat them.

In case they have forgotten, We choose them for their positions of privilege and power.

And again to take a lesson from the past - if they listen then our Union shall have a new beginning and that a European Union for the people, shall not perish.

If this goes through regardless of the wishes of the people, then why even bother with the Democratic process?

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