Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Florida Figures and Referendum Replays

If our European Union is to work, then surely it is the voters of Europe who need to make major decisions, as a whole, not less than 1% of all 491 million! That is not a democratic process.

Seriously, the way this referendum was planned and the figures play out, I think the Anglo Irish banks executives have found a new position.
As the great band NOFX said "Its not the right time to be sober - Now the idiots are taking over" Maybe being Irish I have that advantage at times.

Only one vote over 50% of those who actually bother to vote in Ireland is needed to agree to make this major change to the European Union.

And of all the voters in the EU - we are the only ones who have been given a choice.

That is in my opinion unfair on us, and unfair to them.

One feels like Cuculain tied to a stone, Custume on the Shannon, Horatio on the bridge or Leonidas at the Gate.

OK- the boring bit

The population is 4,501,000 in the Irish republic
The electorate is 3,051,278 registered voters

1,621,037 /53.13% of registered voters turned out 6171 /0.38% votes were spoiled

862,415 / 53.4% of my felow citizens voted against the treaty/constitution
752,451 / 46.6% of my fellow ctizens voted for the treaty/constitution

109,964 people, or 6.8% of those who actually voted stopped the forcing through of the treaty/constitution.

To put that in context, it is 0.02% of the population of Europe - feels like Florida 2000

In fairness - if 245,500,001 EU citizens voted for the treaty and 245,499,999 voted against it, then as a European I’d accept it.

But right now I feel like some American friends. I’m moving to Canada!!

That 0.2% in percentage terms works out at 345 times the mandate of the only party against the treaty/constitution in the Irish Parliament ?
It is patently ridiculous.

As of the May 2007 General Election there are 166 seats in the Dail – the Irish Parliaments executive.
Fianna Fail won 78 seats and formed the Government. In European terms they area broadly Gaullist type party.

The Green party won 6 seats and joined the Government.

The Progressive Democrats (who no longer exist as a party but are still in Government) won 2 seats and joined the Government

Fianna Gael won 51 seats In European terms they are a Social/Christian Democrat hybrid.

Labour won 20 seats. In European terms they are a Socialist/Liberal party

There were 5 independents, or non-party TD’s (MPs / Deputies) – I do not know where they stand individually on Lisbon.

Between them all, they won 92.3% of ballots cast.

In addition, between them the main parties and independents have 12 seats in the European Parliament.

Campaigning against the treaty are Sinn Fein, with 6.9% of votes cast and 4 seats are the only party in the Dail objecting to the Lisbon Treaty.

In addition the party has one seat in the EU parliament based in the Republic, and with the parties’ cross border nature a second EU seat based in Northern Ireland.

The other grouping given a high profile in the Media campaigning against Lisbon are Libertas – a grouping who have no seats in the Irish Parliament, no council seats or any representation in the European Parliament.

Libertas, with no mandate, are being promoted by the Media as the main opposition to a Lisbon Treaty/Constitution, along with Sinn Fein who have 6.9 % of the Irish vote.

There are other groups who oppose the second Lisbon referendum -
With a general election mandate of 92.3% the major parties lost the referendum campaign -
so there has to be -

The only group that I have honestly found so far who have a broad base in opposition to the treaty/referendum are called the Peoples Movement - so I will have to check them out further, dont agree with everything, but I'm still looking.

But the Irish Media have chosen to ignore this broader opposition, instead promoting a tiny group for whom 92.3% of the electorate did not vote as the main opposition?

That dog dont hunt.

Then again, the Irish Government controls funding of RTE and licencing for all other radio and TV media in the state - makes you think.

Again, as always – thanks for reading or listening.

Even if you don’t agree with me – I hope you give some thoughts to the points made

And please let others now about these blogs, podcasts and youtubes.

Citizen Simon - out